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Ian van Dahl feat. Marsha - "Castles In The Sky"
Label: Robbins Entertainment [AS 035-1].
(P): Antler-Subway Records / A&S Productions, 2000. (C): Robbins Entertainment, 2001.
1. Radio Edit
2. Extended Mix
3. Peter Luts Remix
4. Perfect Sphere Remix
5. Absolom Remix
6. De Donatis Remix
7. Wippenberg Remix

Video Mix
Iio - "Rapture (Tastes So Good)"
Label: Made Records / EMI Records [EMI 5501212].
(P) & (C): Flex Records / Data Records / Ministry of Sound Recordings, 2001.
1. Radio Edit
2. Original Extended Mix
3. Creamer and Stephane K Remix
4. Deep Dish Miami Dub
5. Deep Dish Space Remix
6. Riva Remix
7. Aloud Remix
8. Soulside Remix

Video Mix

"Mi ... amore don't you know
My love I want you so
Sugar ... you make my soul complete
Rapture tastes so sweet"
Inaura - "Coma Aroma"
Label: EMI Records [CDEM 421].
(P) & (C): EMI Records, 1996.
1. Coma Aroma - Radio Edit
2. Balaam
3. Gone in the Wind
4. Coma Aroma - Perfecto 12" Mix

Coma Aroma - Perfecto 12" Mix video
Indiana - "Do You Hear Me ?"
Label: Platipus Records [PLAT 92CD].
(P) & (C): Platipus Records, 2002.
1. Art of Trance Remix
2. Classified Project Remix
3. Original Version
4. Dino Lenny Remix
Indiana - "In My Veins"
Label: Platipus Records [PLAT 96CD].
(P) & (C): Platipus Records, 2002.
1. Kansai Remix
2. Halo Remix
3. Adam Dived Remix
4. Greg Murray Remix
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